Extra Long Range Passive RFID. Is it possible?

I am trying to design an RFID reader that will be able to read passive UHF tags from a range of at least 25m. The tags will be attached to wild turkeys, and I am limited to a lightweight passive tag for permitting reasons. My question is really whether it is possible to simply create a normal RFID reader with an Arduino Uno board and equip it with an enormous antennae and powerful battery. Could there be a danger of burning out the Arduino or board? Can I really overcome the lack of power in the tag with a powerful reader, or does the passive tag limit my range?

Any and all advice or expertise would be helpful. Thanks.

I suspect that by the time you're pumping out enough power to read a passive tag at that range you're in danger of cooking the birds, and yourself. In any case, any activities involving more than about 20mA and 5V would have to be done by something other than the Arduino - you'd need to build some sort of external transmitter and receiver, both of which would require substantial skills.