Extra Supplies...

If anyone has any extra supplies that they do not need anymore and have no current use for them it will be much appreciated!!!

I need an LCD Display, Real Time Module, and another Arduino.

Someone's a bit of a cheapskate... ;)

But seriously, I doubt you will be able to find someone willing to give away an ARDUINO on the ARDUINO Forum. I bet nobody will be willing to give away the other things you mentioned either.

Check on ebay for cheaper lcd but I don't see any reason anyone on this board will simply give things away. Just ask a PS3 gamer to give away his gamepad you will understand why.

You can't blame someone for asking though - you would be amazed at what people will give away or throw out, but you can get for "free" if you only ask.

The worst they'll say is "no".


I do agree though that you are unlikely to get a "yes" here...

Yea, I plan on being buried with all my Arduinos, who knows I might get bored without them.