Extract a date from a sentence

I want to extract the date (dd/mm/yy) from a NMEA gps phrase.
It looks like this:
Here the date is November 19, 1994.

I could do by counting where to take the digits but I would prefer, to be sure of the reliability of the result, to position myself after the 9th comma (where the date begins) then extract these 6 digits.
But how to do this in Arduino code?

Link to inquire about GPRMC sentence: GPRMC

strtok is the word your google for.

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Thank you very much !
It works very well and it's simple.

Is there a way to do it cleaner or with less code even if it's already not bad?

void setup(void) {
  char *token;
  char *mystring = "$GPRMC,225446,A,4916.45,N,12311.12,W,000.5,054.7,191194,020.3,E68*";
  const char *delimiter = ",";


  int t = 0;

  token = strtok(mystring, delimiter);

  while (!(t == 9)) {
    token = strtok(NULL, delimiter);


void loop(void) {

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If you use a library like TinyGPS++, dates and everything else of interest is extracted automatically.

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I would use one of the GPS libraries. My favorite is TinyGPS++ (a.k.a. TinyGPSPlus). There are also TinyGPS and Adafruit_GPS_Library.

For now the NMEA sentence was enough for me (perfect to be converted into gpx) so I didn't need a library.
I may use this library to improve my project.

But sometimes it might be better to do the code yourself and figure it out?

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