Extracting data from DY50 fingerprint sensor

Hi guys, I just want to ask if it's possible to extract fingerprint information from DY50 fingerprint sensor connected to the Arduino.

If I understand it correctly, that fingerprint sensor stores all the information on its chip and internal memory. I've tried for hours to look up the way to do it and didn't find anything useful.

My plan is to extract the information from the sensor, if it is the image to the format used for recognition, save that image/format to database and later load the pictures according to my needs.
Thank you for the help.

Ive found examples of reading and writing examples to and from the sensor on the GitHub GitHub - adafruit/Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library: Arduino library for interfacing to the fingerprint sensor in the Adafruit shop

I think that the images themselves are probably not stored in the sensor but rather converted to the template file and then stored. You can extract this template file and later insert it into the sensor with the help of examples show_fingerprint_templates and then enroll.