Extracting the code from a printer cartridge chip-P2

Hello world,
This the first post what I had created about extracting the code from the printer cartridge chip.

its basically resetting printer cartridge chip to reuse it again.
Just found out someone had already created such post.
post link by 3dpipe-Read/Write toner chip?
if anyone has succeeded in this please let me know...i think this is what most of the printer owners looking for....


somebody please help!!!!!!!

i just want to get hex dump from the chip.

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If you want someone to write code for you you could try over in 'Jobs and Community' and give an indication of how much you are prepared to pay.

Rememember most all everyone in these forums are volunteers and if no-one repsonds to a request for help its probably because no-one knows the answer ............

got it :+1:

Would it be legal to copy and re-use the code from one of these printer cartridges ?

i think when one owns a product by purchasing it from one another, it is his rights to modify or do whatever the changes he want...
what do u say?

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