Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Arduino

I don't know if anyone noticed, but on Extreme Makeover which airs on US TV on Friday night, someone made a custom relaxation chair and for a brief second you could see the one of the controllers used was a Arduino Uno. Replayed the show just to make sure. Go Arduino!

Hill Family episode? part 1 or part 2?

Those dudes that were hired to create a quiet room look just like a bunch of arduinoists but I'm still watching with my both eyes peeled on the arduino part. the abc.com online is really sad, you can't pause. If you do, the image is replaced by an ad. so you can't inspect anything detail on the video.

Still watching...

Spotted it Hill Family episode part 1 33:39. Saw an arduino uno in a box. Should I watch the rest of the episode or get back to work? Any prizes? :fearful:



Ad. is kind of annoying, unless someone made that fake dog with arduino :))


The image is degraded but the white blob in the middle of the PCB is only present on an arduino UNO, unless those guys are buying fakes :slight_smile:

Looks like a fake to me

But that could just be the low quality

I hope they went back and soldered that wire, otherwise it'll give them headaches in the future for a permanent project