Extremely Long Compile Times For Simple Programs

My computer takes 30 seconds to compile the Blink program and my friend's computer compiles it in about 1 second. My computer is newer and faster than his, so has to be a setting somewhere.

I know this topic has been around and I have read some of the existing threads. Here is what I have tried already.

Added all Arduino related directories to the Exclusion List for Windows Defender.
Completely deleted the %SYSTEMROOT%\AppData\Local\Arduino15 directory and reinstalled all libraries.
Sobbed uncontrollably.

Anyone have any additional suggestions???

I am working with students on a STEM project and quick compile times will help!!!!!!

Which board?

Trinket M0.... Compiles and uploads almost instantly on my friend's computer, same program, same board.. 30 seconds to compile on my computer.

Okay, same OS on both machines?

There can be a lot of issues
I have a pretty comprehensive list of fixes here:

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I have windows 10, believe he's running Ubuntu...

Did you try the stuff from the thread I posted?

Do you have the INO file loacally on your computer or some where in the orbit?

There's really nothing to be gained by comparing them then - you should concentrate on the list of possibilities that @er_name_not_found suggested.

OK, I've done everything suggested. I upgraded Windows 10 to

Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043

Any other suggestions???

Do you use the Windows Encrypting File System or are any of the disks, which may be used during a compilation, otherwise compressed or encrypted?

Everything in the list included a full system reinstall.

I used Windows Media Kit to do reinstall. The only thing this didn't do is reformat disk. Assuming it was comparable to reset. Of course, Windows file sharing still doesn't work....

.ini file is local

Everything on local SSD drive, no compression, no encryption.

Maybe you have to bite the bullet and just use Ubuntu :grinning:

Last I looked, you can devote a small partition to it and multi-boot.

Well, I do hate Windows... Multiple aspects of it.

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