Extrusion head dead, RIP Materia 101?

Hello all,

A strange event occurred during my last printing: for a reason not yet elucidated, the extrusion head got to >300°C and the extrusion head plastic part started to melt... even if I stopped the printing as soon as possible, I believe the extrusion head is irremediably broken (it is dis-axed).

It is too sad to see Materia 101 now stuck useless. Is there any chance I can buy a spare extrusion head somewhere? Any link or reference?

I would much appreciate your help. I must say I'm a little bit worried to see that Materia 101 is not sold anymore. Hopefully I will still be able to put my hand on an extrusion head.

Thank your for your help

Best regards PAB


I suspect that the hot end arrangement in the Materia101 is not of the best design, after all temperatures in excess of 110C will melt most plastics and that is why someone has designed a fan helper to cool that lower plastic part.

I also think that you can adapt some of the hot ends on the market to work with the Materia101. For instance the hot end on the site http://www.amazon.com/0-3mm-Nozzle-Printer-Extruder-Print/dp/B00D2ITYDQ could be adapted with out much work, but it is expensive to experiment with. A good solution would be the Jhead V6 sold on http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=extruder%20head&clk_rvr_id=869578608049&adpos=1s2&MT_ID=69&crlp=61292760782_2416792&device=c&geo_id=10232&keyword=extruder+head&crdt=0

This is an E-Bay site, but I suspect that you can find that head just about anywhere. You may have to cut the top off and thread the stub left to fit up in the plastic feeder block. You also may have to give up a bit of z height as that head would stick down farther toward the plate.

Just do a search on Jhead V6 and look at the pictures of the device and with a little Imagineering, you could be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your reply normoldboy, I really appreciate it. During my searches, I also found this page summarizing a large numbers of hot-ends: http://reprap.org/wiki/Hot_End_Comparison

I will certainly try to fit a J-Head v6 if I cannot get the exact reference of the hot end sold with the Materia. I have also asked Sharebot about the hot end of the Kiwi-3D which seems to be very much like the Materia 101.

I will report here any progress!

Hello all,

I received a reply from Sharebot and they indeed have some spare parts: the full hot-end (the plastic part, the metallic part, the ceramic heater and the thermistor) is sold approx. 45€... Be careful with yours !

  • nozzle, peek and teflon is 30€
  • nozzle only is 5€
  • nozzle, peek and teflon + thermistor + heater is 45€

I will let you know when I receive it.

All the best

Hello all,

Just to let you know that a couple of days after my order, I received the spare part from Sharebot and it fitted perfectly the Materia 101 which is now fully functionnal.

It is good to have Sharebot able to sell spare parts for the Materia 101.

All the best PAB

Just send a message to sharebot via their website, do they have a regular e-mail address? Also, did anyone try whether another J head V6 extruder fits on the materia, if so, where did you get it?