Eye-Animatronics advise

Hello I think I found what im looking for ( sort of)

My question is do I need the led's under the eyes as it will ruin the realism of the actuall mask of my project

Also it uses the ADNS-3080 wich although small will also effect the realism on the mask

Can the ADNS-3080 or something smaller ( prefered) either be place behind the silicon mask ( im not thinking it will ) or can something sililar to this be placed in the actual eyeball its-self?

Everything about this looks good but my perfect setup would be having no LED's under the eyes and the sensor inside on of the eyes. ( which maybe i could use some contacts lenses to the sensor might work whilst no effecting to realistic look of the eyes...

Link to project is here

Any ideas or modifcations suggested will be very greatful, Thankyou :slight_smile: