ezLCD3 does not name a type

I just buyed an arduino and the arLCD touchscreen, and as I wanted to download the little game “tic tac toe” directly from the display memory, and programmed on the “arduino programmer” and verified, it told me a message in orange on the bottom:
ezLCD3 does not name a type

What do I have to do? Thanks

P.s.: this is the beginning of the code:

#include <ezLCDLib.h>

#define LED_PIN 13

ezLCD3 lcd;

volatile boolean ezLCDInt = false; // flag to indicate interrupt
unsigned int gridx ={98, 172, 246, 98, 172, 246, 98, 172, 246};
unsigned int gridy ={18, 18, 18, 92, 92, 92 , 166, 166, 166};

unsigned int linesx={166,166, 241, 241 ,92, 317 ,92,317 };
unsigned int linesy={10, 235, 10 , 235 ,86, 86 ,160,160 };

int temp =0;
bool turn =1 ;
bool x = 1;
bool o = 0;
char winner =false;
unsigned char gameBoard[9]={5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5};
unsigned long touch;
void setup

Hi Alexdut68,

You probably didn't get that library or didn't tell IDE where to find it.

Oh ok! Thanks MAS3, but how can I do/change this? I'm really not a professionnal with programming...

Hi Alexdut68

When you downloaded the tictactoe program, was there also a folder called "ezLCDLib"?

The folder should contain files named "ezLCDLib.h" and "ezLCDLib.cpp", as well as probably a sub-folder called "examples".

If you can find the "ezLCDLib" folder, here are the instructions on how to load it into the Arduino IDE (which you called the "programmer").


Once it is loaded, try compiling the tictactoe program again.



Thank you very much Hackscribble! I understand now! I will try it as soon as possible!

Best regards, Alex