ezShare SD Card Not Initializing

Hi All,

I'm trying to use an ezShare Wi-Fi SD Card adapter with my Arduino.

The problem I have is that with normal SD cards my Arduino Nano rights perfectly. With the ezShare SD Card it cannot initialize it.

However if I put the card in my laptop, Windows sees it, MacOS sees it and Linux. And I checked - NO drivers are loading. Its just showing up as a normal SD to them.

But for some reason the Arduino doesnt?

I thought maybe its related to the SD card library trying to use the card without giving it time to "boot up". I tried adding delay(9000); to the sd.h library but it wont compile, it complains about an integer value or something.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone come accross this?


it complains about an integer value or something.

As long as you don't show your code AND the error message(s) there is no chance to see, why it is not compiling and showing errors.