FAAC remote controller - SMD part identification

Hello All,
I've accidentally fried a "probably" diode on my FAAC remote controller. I have real trouble with identifying it because the only marking on it is "6".
The PCB code is XT4868ST-00 but again not helpful a lot unfortunately...

I haven't find any circuit description on internet for these remotes.
Is there any chance to find out what is that part exactly?


Are there any identical parts on the board that are still OK? If yes, measure the forward drop. Statistically there's a good chance this diode is a plain old Schottky diode, which will measure something like 250~350mV forward drop.

It would help to know how the diode (that's what it almost certainly is) is connected to its surroundings; particularly which pin it connects to on the adjacent IC.

One more thing - how did you fry it? I.e., how likely is it you fried some other components as well...?

Unsoldered working diode has 0.622V forward drop.
Just to specify more, the upper middle diode is fine, the left bottom one is gone.

About the connection:
upper middle diode's cathode is connected to the pin 1 of F1823IST.

I accidentally connected battery to uncovered contact pad somwhere in the right bottom part of PCB for a second.
I'm not sure if something else is damaged but visually only that left bottom diode was fried. The controller reacts when connected to the battery (blue diod blinks) but probably not sending trigger signal correctly because garrage door isn't openning.

Ok, if you're correct, the diode apparently connects to Vdd of the chip if it's a PIC16F1823, which is certainly possible. If the diode blew, it means the PIC has drawn a very substantial amount of current - not good news. In your place I'd drop a 1n4148 in (with some agility you can usually solder one onto the pads of an smd diode) and see if thay revives your remote. If it doesn't, odds are one or more GPIO's of the PIC are fried.