Facebook is getting bossy now ...

So I get about a message every day from Facebook reminding me that "stuff is happening" :

You have new notifications. A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in. Here are some notifications you've missed from your friends.

I have been ignoring them, in fact it is mildly distressing that they are correctly guessing people that I know. Now they follow up with:

Hi Nick, Sorry that you've been having trouble logging into your Facebook account.

[u]Get back on Facebook now[/u]

You can also get [u]password help[/u] or [u]login help[/u] on Facebook.

Thanks, The Facebook Team

Are they providing a service, or ordering me around, do you think?

Facebook is "tapping commercial potential" and needs to fulfill promises made to advertisers, etc.

Your Like and Dislike votes serve that purpose. You are used as both a facilitator and a target.

I saw that $#!+3 coming when it started partly because I've written software for business and got to know business people including marketers. Nothing that can be used to turn a buck or steer any kind of power (eventually to turn a buck) will go unexploited.

Right from the start Facebook was quoted to have a great value just like the dot com bubble companies of the 90's (though they didn't say it that way) and I for one never got on that or the Twit-ter wagon.

There are blogs, columns and YT's telling people to get off those and why (like how your name gets used to promote ideas and things that you do not agree with/approve of) but so far only a minority have heeded. Maybe you will exit that highway now and maybe you won't. There will probably come a point where you do say "enough!".

It's a user relationship, like a girlfriend that starts out good and turns bad. Question is do you dump her before it comes to regrets?

My mobile device is always logged in, stops all notifications (since i disable the real time alerts from the application itself) via email.

And the automatic email system is off, if you were using gmail, you could report it as spam and they’d block all the fb emails from hitting you.