Facing problem in Arduino mkr1000 interfacing with USB CP2102 Converter

I have using Arduino mkr1000 for interfacing USB CP2102 Converter to read the data from the anemometer. Actually, Anemometer output data transmission also from the USB (2.0). So, I have a got Female USB to female USB Coupler. At One end I have connected with the anemometer USB and the other end i have connected the CP2102 and the serial communication pin are connected as( 5v, gnd, from usb converter TX to mkr1000 RX Pin and Rx to Tx Pin in arduino).But, there is no serial communication have happend.

Provide links to the documentation for the anemometer.

Thanks for the reply here the Link for the anemometer :- http://www.lutron.com.tw/ugC_ShowroomItem_Detail.asp?hidKindID=2&hidTypeID=113&hidCatID=&hidShowID=718&hidPrdType=&txtSrhData=

Here the link for USB serial communication cable :- http://www.lutron.com.tw/ugC_ShowroomItem_Detail.asp?hidKindID=1&hidTypeID=65&hidCatID=&hidShowID=554&hidPrdType=&txtSrhData=

If your current arrangement is like this
anemometer - Lutron serial to USB cable - Female USB - Female USB - CP2102 - serial - Arduino
I don't think it will work.

Depending on the voltage and communications protocol you might be able to connect the Arduino to the anemometer without using USB adaptors.
Contact the manufacturer for advice and have a look on the web to see if anyone has already tried doing this.

Thanks for the reply,
I need a clarification if there is any arduino board is available with direct USB(2.0) Serial communication.So that i can directly communicate the Anemometer USB to arduino.I have searched through web but i can't find,Kindly intimate me if there is any arduino board and also with wifi Specification.
Thanks in advance