Facing problem in interfacing RMCS 2301 with RMCS - 2002

I have bought Servo Motor Driver(RMCS - 2301) and ServoMotor (24 V 100 W) from robokits. I am trying to run this motor with motor driver using 24 V 10 A power supply. I have made connections according to what is mentioned in the datasheet of these devices. You can check the image in an attachment for connections.

This is the Arduino Program that i am using to sending pulses and direction inputs to motor driver:

void setup()
pinMode(9, OUTPUT); // Pulse
pinMode(8, OUTPUT); // Direction

digitalWrite(8, HIGH);

void loop()

digitalWrite(9, HIGH);


After running this program, motor runs for 1 sec and then stops. It followed by blinking of red led in the motor driver.

Please help me out from this situation. I would be very grateful to you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .

RMCS-2002.pdf (128 KB)

RMCS-2301(1).pdf (846 KB)

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