"Factory reset" an ProMicro board


I am still very new to the Arduino world. Primarily I am using the ESP8266 boards. But I also own an "Arduino Pro Micro" board that I used to root my Google Chromecast. These worked great but now I'd like to reuse the ProMicro as a ProMicro board again.

But this is precisely my problem. To root the Chromecast I had to flash a special bootloader and another file. And now all the ProMicro is doing (beside rooting a Chromecast) is, to light both LED. Connected via USB Windows recognizes it as an "USB hub" with unknown driver.

I'd like to flash an original boot loader so that I can use the board as an normal ProMicro again. But this seems to be impossible. All I have available to flash are two USB2Serial Boards. One with FT232R and the other one with an CP2101.

In Arduino 1.6.5 I selected "Arduino Leonardo" and tried every available programmer. But the most of them are trying to access an USB port. And the other ones are running into some errors.

Is there a way to revive my board?

Connect it to an in system programmer (ISP/ICSP), select the corresponding programmer from the tools menu, select the micro board, then do ‘burn bootloader’.

You can use another Arduino board using the ArduinoAsISP sketch (I don’t think this will work on an ESP8266 board - but any '328p based board will definitely work), or you can use a dedicated ISP, which can be had on ebay for the price of a cup of coffee (shipped)

http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=USBAsp <USBAsp, my favorite ISP, largely because there’s a program for windows “eXtremeBurner AVR” with a GUI.


Thank you! I have just ordered an USBAsp for $1,90 USD (shipping included). :slight_smile: