Factory reset problems

  1. I setup the yun via it’s web page unplugged went to bed
  2. plugged the yun in the next day and Linino didn’t work but the arduino 32u4 would work via usb.
  3. I used this web page http://playground.arduino.cc//Hardware/Yun#restoring_a_yun to do a factory restore.
    Linino let me connect to the wirless but when I went to it didn’t go to the home screen in took me to this error message.

No valid theme found
stack traceback:

: in function 'assert'
	?: in function 'dispatch'
	?: in function <?:194>

Can some one please help?

First I would try the factory restore a second time. Make sure you give it enough time to complete, 2 or 3 minutes should be enough but let it run for 10 minutes to be sure.

If that doesn't get you going do the first two steps in the instructions you followed before, Upload the YunSerialTerminal example via usb Reset the AR9331 (white button near the leds) but let it run all the way (don't hit f for failsafe) copy the output in the terminal window and post it so we can see what is going on.

I figured it out.
I ran the " wifi-reset-and-reboot " in usr/bin.
It fixed everything!!

Thanks for the help.