fail to install arduino driver on win8.1

I have tried many possible ways to let win8.1 recognize arduino. But all failed. such as manually install driver,

it always has the error information as attached.

Can anyone pls instruct how to run arduino on Win8.1 professional version?
thank you very much

The question is why you try to update the driver? Windows already seemed to have identified the Uno as a com port so it should work.

The reason that you want to update the driver is probably that something does not work as expected. If so, provide the details and if there are errors during e.g. upload (as an example), give the errors that you get.

Note drivers is not my strong point.

my win8.1 can recognize all other usb device except for Arduino
. The port is disabled. Driver cannot be installled . I have tried methods in a previous post that has similar problem marked as solved. But it doesn’t work for me

There are a few steps that might help they are not always needed but some people have reported them to work for them.

  1. Turn off driver enforcement

  2. Install as "Administrator"

  3. Disable you antivirus or similar just for the installation.

  4. If its not your own personal computer talk to your IT department to have restrictions (policy) removed.

If you are unsure as to step 1 or 2 Google is your friend.

I just go win10 to solve the error. Thanks