failed connexion between ardunio board galaxy s3 usb

Hi all,
i start working with arduino adk board for for several days.. and i found a big problem of connexion between the arduino adk mega board and my android phone (version 4.1.2). arduino board can not be reconized by my phone galaxy s3 when i connect the phone with usb cable. (debuging mode)
what i have to do pleeeese help !!!
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You are going to want this library:

In the documentation at the bottom of that page it tells you to rename the extracted folder before you can use it. You also have to uncomment a line in the file avrpins.h. The documentation is pretty straight-forward. The demo sketch provided activates 1 button and 1 slider in the official demo adk app on the google play store.

Hope this gets you going in the right direction.

ok think you for help :grin: