Failed on LowPower.h

Hi all, i try to use the LowPower library in my sketch but it wont work, the board wont sleep.

Can anyone help me with this problem? I want to make it sleep if no activity and wake by a press of any button (or wake by D2 button).

I just follow the example sketch and insert it to my sketch. Nothing happens

if anyone can help i will post the project code im doing here (a very long code)


Well since we are presuming that you got the example sketch to work, it must be a problem with your sketch.

I want to attach full code but its too long, the forum wont accept it


Where in that 1000+ line thing is your attempt to put it to sleep?


There is none, its the code without lowpower.h

So how do you think the forum will be able to tell you why the mystery code you add to the sketch does not work ?

Which board? ProMini, Uno, ... or a dedicated board?

Did the example sketch give the expected result?

How do you know? What do you expect?

Dangerous :smiley:

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