Failed to connect t NodeMCU-ESP-32S

Hi all,
I'm using NodeMCU-ESP-32S. I already connect 10 uF electrolytic capacitor between the EN pin and GND to make the ESP32 board go into flashing/uploading mode automatically.
This is working find when the ESP32 not connect to any sensors.
The Problem that when we connect any sensor like IR sensor to the ESP32 and trying to uploading a new code, Fatal Error Occurred:

“Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header”

When trying to holding-down the “BOOT/FLASH” button in ESP32 board while uploading a new sketch at the same time, we still get the same timeout error ..
So plz any advice ... Thanks in advance

If you are using a development board with a USB interface then you should not need any other item attached to program the board.

The attached is a circuit I always use to program a naked ESP 32.

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Thanks for your replay, Actually I'm working on Smart Parking System, Therefore i will need to connect Sensors with this board as below

The Problem that I can upload the the code to beard successfully when no any sensor connect to the board, While i get timeout error when any sensor connect to the board .. strange issue ...

Have you taken the sensors out one at a time and tried to load, perhaps that will show you where your problem is. The other thing to look at is the voltage of the 5V when you connect the programming USB, perhaps an earth issue