Failed to drive a CD Rom sled motor via Hall effect sensor.


I tried to drive a CD ROM sled motor via a Hall Effect sensor module but the sensor

becomes insensitive when I insert it into circuit on my breadboard.

The sensor works well on controlling LED, but never works on DC motor.

My transistor is MJE3055T

Here is the scheme of my circuit, where load is the motor and input signal is from Hall effect sensor.


Somebody needs to turn that picture the correct way round - I wonder who?

Where is the Arduino connected?


While you are upending the picture maybe resize it so it will fit on the screen (1024-768)?

and then rotate it because it's also back to front

Thanks for correcting me.

I didn't use Arduino main broad because I just want to make a switch here.

Where the input of the circuit is the Hall effect sensor signal output.

When there's no magnetic field, the input of the circuit is about 2V, and ideally it should drop to milivolt when sensing a magnetic field,

but somehow the sensor becomes numb to the magnetic field in this circuit.

With a NPN transistor the load goes between Vcc (supply) and the collector, emitter to ground. Make sure there is a diode across the motor to absorb reverse voltage generated by to motor (cathode to Vcc, anode to collector of transistor.