Failed USB Host Shield

Hello all,

I am using:

  • Arduino Mega
  • Circuits@Home USB Host Shield, rev.2.0.1, 11 MAY 2013
  • Bluetooth dongle to connect to ps3 controller

In my experience with the USB Host shield, it has successfully powered the dongle in my testing of the robot the past couple months. I have been able to connect to ps3 controller flawlessly. However, yesterday it suddenly stopped working. The USB host shield no longer supplies power to the dongle, and is rendered useless.

The best way I can describe what happened is that my robot had just stopped driving. Without pushing any of the buttons on the ps3 controller, it sent signal to drive my robot forward at full speed (LEFT ANALOG pushed up) and stopped working completely. Now when I look the dongle has no power. I have tried to reconnect and there is just no power being supplied to the dongle because it will not light up anymore.

I am wondering if there is a known issue with these USB host shields failing if there is a solution?