Failing MPU 9250 and BME 280

hI - my new MPU9250 lasted two minutes and now every time I plug it into the 2IC socket and apply 5 volts it takes the board (Arduino Mega) down. The main LED goes off etc.

I also had the same problem with a BME 280.

On the same voltage supply and the same SCL/SDA pins I am running a standard Hitachi LCD and the board and the LCD recover the moment I unpin the 9250.

Basically the breadboard suplies vin gnd scl and sda to exactly the same rows as the breakout board.

Is it likely these components are not taking a full 5V and the voltage regulator is just not coping?

(I also had the same problem with a BME280 also - same issue).

Per MPU9250 datasheet, maximum operating voltage is 3.6v, same on the BME280. If you're giving it 5v, you're probably burning out the chip and then it fails shorted like many parts do.

You need to use 3.3v to supply the sensors, and either level shift the I2C signal, or pull the I2C lines up to only 3.3v, not 5v.

Many thanks. The breakout board is supposed to be regulated to 5V but what I shall do is I shall use a step-down transformer and then there can be no doubt

Link to the breakout board?

I have several of these BME280 breakout boards, working perfectly. Check the library it is using, for the address. It may be hard coded. I had to change mine from 0x77, to 0x76.

That BME280 breakout board (assuming the schematic is accurate, and there's a pile of parts on the underside) has a level shifter and regulator on board, so it can be used with 5v devices without concern.