Failing to install proper driver w10

board trigorilla 2560, windows 10 ; arduino ide doesn't recognize the port, so I do suppose that's a driver issue

opening the device manager, nothing new is shown; manually installing a new com port, it will be always present no matter if the usb is plugged in or not, but if it's plugged in and then check for hw changes, it will open the folder where the com is, if it's not, it will not; so I do suppose that it's working? by uninstalling it and plugging the usb will change nothing; the usbs do work, I've already tries with other ports btw

by trying to manually install the driver it will fail by either stating that the best driver is already installed, or outputting error 34, in both cases the ide is still not able into recognizing the port

Manually installing a new com port doesn't make sense; it should be picked up automatically.

Which driver did you pick? What is the chip closest to the USB port (marked in blue in below image)?

What does Windows device manager say about the board? Is it identified as an Arduino?

There are a few places to look for the new device in Windows device manager if it's not automatically detected.

  • Ports
  • Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  • (Not sure if there is a section for) Unknown devices

Did the board work in the past? Or is this the first time that you try it out?
Did you remove any connections from the board except for the USB?
Do you have other boards (e.g. Uno)?

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now it seems fixed... by itself

thanks though

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