Failing when simulating arduino with ili9341

Hi Guys!
Im trying to simulate arduino uno with ili9341 in proteus, and the screen is always black :expressionless:
On attachment I have the wiring scheme and the code im trying to run.
The pins selected are :


thanks :slight_smile:

TFT_graphicstest_one_lib.ino (10.8 KB)

This is NOT the proteus forum. You’ve mistaken us for people that give a damn about a useless simulator.

Have you tried the proteus forum?

Have you tried the proteus forum?

Hi AWOL thanks for your reply. I haven't tried because I its a connection issue.. Something related with wiring or pins definition. But I will try there too..

Try Simulator for Arduino with the UTFT library. UTFT is a free Universal TFT display library from Rinky Dink Electronics which has code for around 20-30 display controllers and the ILI9341 looks familiar. Also, watch this video:

I thought Proteus was more of an EDA PCB design tool