failure of sound sensor sketch

I have built a couple of very simple sound sensor sketches and they won't function. Wiring is correct, sketch compiles and downloads satisfactorily, but I get no response. I have tried three different sensors with two different Uno boards, with no results. Is there something about preparing the microphone that I'm missing? Please help. I've spent a LOT of time trying to troubleshoot this sketch, but I need help, PLEASE!!!

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Do you have a crystal ball for me? They come in SO handy with all those newbie posts here. My local curiousities shop still can't supply me one.

That failing:
What sketch?
What sensor?
What circuit?
What's it supposed to be doing?
What's it actually doing?

I think I can say confidently that the problem is either with the sketch (which I can’t see), the sensors (which you’ve told me nothing about) or your expectations (which you also said nothing about). It can’t be the wiring because you have said that’s right (though I don’t know how you can be so sure when it doesn’t actually work).

So all you need to do is fix whichever one is wrong. Glad I could help.