Failure to configure com ports correctly

Experiencing extreme frustration with failed serial communications after uploading a sketch to an Arduino Micro board.
I am using IDE 2.0.0 beta 5 on a win 7 pro laptop with the Arduino communicating on COM8 and uploading on COM9.

Symptoms are that compiling and upload seem to proceed normally via COM9, but once loaded the com port in use always reverts to COM5. Re-selecting COM8 leads to failed communication almost every other time.

The only way out of this (that I have found so far) is to disconnect the Micro and close down the IDE. Next attach a known working project (in Free Basic as it happens) that uses the same physical USB port and communicate successfully with this project using the same serial port parameters. Finally remove the connection.

Recover the situation by restarting the Arduino IDE without the Micro attached. Finally reconnect the Arduino board and manually change the selected port on the IDE from COM5 to COM8. This SOMETIMES allows serial comms to proceed - if not the whole process has to be repeated!!

Needless to say I have wasted HOURS on this farcical situation. Please can somebody FIX IT. Happy to test any mods to the IDE or the com port driver if that's what it takes to remedy the situation.

P.S. I have also tried IDE 1.18.3 with similar results. Device manager correctly reports the Arduino connected on port 8 and working correctly even when comms has failed.

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