Failure to upload. Really weird...

Hello Everyone, I am experiencing what I think is a new kind of operating fault for my Anycubic Kossel Delta setup. The story so far: I have been running the brilliant Arduino-Marlin combination with my RUMBA board on my trusty Windows 10 64 bit PC for some time. Great prints, smooth operation and lots of learning. Then...

Disaster!. The main hard drive died in a flash and my PC was history. I had no working backup which included my successful 3D printing activities.

I now have a new, 256GB SSD drive with a FRESH installation of Windows 10, 64 bit which works really well. All my old Windows System settings died with the old HD.

I have loaded Arduino 1.8 with Marlin (configured for my Delta printer). It looks just fine. COM 5 and Mega 2560 selected @ 250000 Baudrate. Arduino check compiles without any errors and shows 'Binary sketch size...' when Done Compiling and appears as it was on my old PC.

The Problem: There is no upload showing into the RUMBA board via the USB. There is no text appearing in the lower window as it used to do. I have looked at everything I can think of to try to figure out what is missing from my (limited) understanding of setting up from scratch.

I have scoured the web for days for answers to avoid bothering you all but I have to admit complete ignorance from here. I also tried reloading USB drivers and connecting to my earlier RAMPS board but to no effect. Both PCBs display power and communication lights, even when powered by the USB jumper.

One thing which has puzzled me is the fact that when I download Arduino/Marlin software I don't see the Arduino icons with file type .ino displayed, but I have deduced from the properties tab that they are .ino and they run as such.

I'm wondering if there can be some magical setting my new Windows installation is missing which has caused this 'bottleneck' in the previously excellent operation of my printer.

Sorry to be so long-winded but I tried to keep it brief as possible. If anyone has any suggestions at all I would be really grateful. I may not be the only person to experience the dreaded 'Dead HD' recovery process

Cheers, Scintilla. (although this 'spark' is not as bright as it used to be :confused: )

scintilla: The Problem: There is no upload showing into the RUMBA board via the USB.

Are you talking about using the Arduino IDE to upload to the 3D printer board?

scintilla: There is no text appearing in the lower window as it used to do.

Are you talking about the black lower window of the Arduino IDE?

Hello Per and Forum Members,
Yes, I’m talking about the Aruino IDE used to run my Anycubic Delta printer.
Yes, I was referring to the lower window where I used to see all the red and white Read and Write text.

I decided to keep trying to solve my ignorance on my own by looking at even more forum posts, searching for any clue, and found one which pointed me to the Preferences tab. I reset some of the values, especially to display the Verbose details and, Hey presto!

Now, at least, I can see what’s going on.

I then connected the USB and EXP1 and EXP2 plugs onto my good, old RAMPS board and things are starting to look normal again. I will exchange the RUMBA board with the RAMPS board to get things rolling again since I am now only using the Cyclops 2-into-1 extruder and I should be able to set this up.

I have no idea why the RUMBA board gave me so much grief. When I first tried to use it after the Fresh Install of Windows 10 it set my steppers to grinding at the limit switches and the temperature controls had a mind of their own. All this without any screen display.

I’m thinking that the RUMBA board has somehow been corrupted when the PC died. I have no idea if this is possible.

I will keep working at restoring the printer’s operation and post any information I discover to maybe help others who have had similar problems.

This has taught me to save working sketches and other details onto a separate backup so that I won’t have to start from scratch again. Old dogs don’t learn new tricks very well…


Update: I have replaced the RUMBA board with the original RAMPS board and everything is now working as it should.

My guess is that the RUMBA board somehow had its memory corrupted during the PC HD meltdown and was therefore unreachable by this newbie.

I have never Flashed a boars so I have no way of checking or fixing it. From a time point of view it will be more logical to junk it and buy a new on for the low prices they carry these days.

I hope this post has been useful.

Cheers, Scintilla/

I'm sorry we weren't able to help you solve the issue with the RUMBA, but I am very glad to hear you managed to get your 3D printer working again. Enjoy! Per