Fairly new, questions about power and LEDs


I am fairly new to the Arduino and I came up with a project. This project involves the use of LEDs.

1 - So first I'd like to make a sort of lamp. This is simply a little board with 10 or 20 LEDs (depends on how bright they are) that have to be powered all at once and no LED should be programmed individually - is it possible to do this from one pin and how do I do the powering? Turned on or off by a button.

2 - After that I'd like to attach an RGB LED Strip. Can I place this on the board as well (power-wise) - next to having the 20 LEDs?

3 - Then I would like to control this using an RFID reader and tags.

So basically the lamps will be on if the button is pressed. As soon as my RFID tag is read, the 'lamps' will go off and the RGB LED strip on. Is that possible and if so, what do I need?

Thanks in advance.

1: No 2: No 3: RFID reading is a lot more difficult than powering LEDs ...

The Arduino single pin can only supply 40mA - and that will damage it in the long run. So you need a MOSFET to let something run the 200 to 600mA (depending on your LEDs). If you limit the LED current so that the total is under 300mA or so, then you could run it of the Ardiuno board suppy (the 5V pin), but it would be better with a seperate supply for the LEDs (which goes through MOSFET). The MOSFET gate can be directly controlled by the Arduino.

Plenty of examples around on this site (the Tutorial and Playground area)


Well, I am a programmer and I control the language. That won't be a problem. Thanks for your tips. I will take a look.