Fake Arduino Mega?

So, some time ago I ordered a Mega 2560 clone (a clone, not a fake) and When I received it I was suprised to see the Arduino logo and the back nicely printed.

I followed this topic and pretty much everything lines up to say that it's a counterfeit except for one thing, the little proprietary gold component is here and looks just like the real one (maybe the number on it changes but I don't know about that)

Here are pictures of the thing, it was dark so I had to use my phone to get some good light

Other than that the board works just like it should and im happy with it but I wanted to show you that in case countereits start having the gold component that is made to spot counterfeits

Also, the Amazon link where I got it http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00OPO44UE?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00
You can easily see that it's honest about being a clone and not trying to sell a legitimate Arduino board.

The gold-coloured poly-fuse is becoming quite common on both clones and counterfeits.
I have clone UNOs and a counterfeit UNO here, and all have that gold poly-fuse.

I started a similar thread a couple of days ago on the counterfeit UNO that I just bought, here:-
UNO - Original, Clone or Counterfeit?

The map of Italy on the back of your's clearly shows that it's a counterfeit, as pointed out by dmjlambert in my thread.

In my case, too, the seller didn't try to represent the board as a genuine Arduino, and the pics in the eBay listing showed boards with no Arduino logo. It was only when it arrived that I realised it was technically a counterfeit.