fake drumming

Just watched Sam Hunt & band playing on Seth Meyers. Drummer very obviously not playing the music, high hat totally different beat than what he was playing. Made me wonder how much else of the song was faked as well, perhaps just one big lip sync experience.

Oh, Milli Vanilli, where art thou?

A few times at live shows I got to witness the opposite: someone in the band makes a mistake. When the lead singer for ZZ Top misses a queue there is no doubt the show is live.

I was watching some awards thing or I don't remember what... they had David Guetta up there DJing his heart out. With both CDJ decks powered off.

A few days later, I saw a thread on the Internet where someone explained this is actually very common. The events get so much hype, and cost everyone so much money, the producers take zero chances of a scratched CD or, for that matter, human error (to the extent possible.)

Kinda defeats the point of a live performance though. Must suck to be the performer and know that you're really a glorified cage dancer.


That drummer was certainly way out of whack. Makes you wonder what the audience thinks; you can't mute a cymbal and they have to be hearing that his drumming is way off.

If the PA's loud enough, it wouldn't matter. Those actually paying attention would see the discontinuity though.