Fake WS2811 F8 LEDs from Aliexpress

I am going to build a 121212 RGB LEDCube with WS2811 F8 LEDs. The refresh rate will be no problem because I am using a Teensy 3.6(ARM M4 uC) and the OctoWS2811 library(library for WS2811/2812(b) with 8 parallel outputs).

I need 121212 = 1728 WS2811 F8 LEDs. It is complicated why but I have about 400 pcs of these laying arround: DC5V Diffused round hat RGB LED with WS2811 PL9823 APA106 chipset inside,5mm 8mm Neo pixel Arduino led chips RGB full color|rgb led|neo pixelled rgb - AliExpress

I already built a 777 Cube with WS2811 F8 LEDs but I had to use these: https://www.ebay.de/itm/100pcs-P9823-APA106-WS2811-F8-8mm-F5-5mm-Runde-RGB-LED-Chips-chipset-wie-WS2812B/152524081459?hash=item238324c933:m:m7eaBdkeRX5CrmeNNWjCcXQ, why is complicated.

These LEDs from ebay work without any problems on a length of 343 LEDs which is enough for 1728 / 8 = 216 LEDs for 121212.
I have heard about people getting fake WS2811 LEDs with TMxxxx chipsets that have a slightly different timing which would they make useless in long series of LEDs like I would need them.
I know that the LEDs from ebay would work fine for me but they are significant pricier than the Aliexpress one s. Do you know if these LEDs from Aliexpress are fake or have recommendations where to buy WS2811 F8 LEDs?
These LEDs have this sticker on the ESD bag: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkyAV6MiJxT1tEpHnwFMJsVmObvg

Now I found a good source where to buy good WS2811 F8 LEDs in relatively large quantities.

But I still have 400 LEDs from Aliexpress laying arround and I need to decide soon if I order 300 or 700 further LEDs to complete the 1700 LEDs. Do you think I should trust the Aliexpress LEDs?

You could, but I'd test each one before soldering it in.

You could, but I'd test each one before soldering it in.

I test every LED even the LEDs I trust(from ebay). Is it possible that a LED works in a single test but in a 216 LED String it does not?