Faking gibson DarkFire

Hi everyone, I was looking to imitate the Gibson DarkFire tune up system
video: Gibson Dark Fire video review demo Guitarist Magazine - YouTube)
My problem is about sensing the frequency the strings make. Does anyone know how i could do that without a really expensive sensor?

(sorry for my English if it is bad...)

Use the piezo sensors on each string to measure the time between consecutive positive edges. That gives you the frequency for that string. Use that and the desired frequency to determine which way to spin the motorized tuning pegs. You can use a PID loop to determine how fast to spin each peg.

Ok thanks a lot, i'll try that :slight_smile:

Hello, i want to understand PID and want to program one for my use, can u advise where can i get the required knowledge and skill for the same ?


Well i guess for the programming part, the simplest thing to do is look for a c++ tutorial or book and start learning...


When I looked for piezo sensors, most of the results were piezos used as buzzers. Can they be used as sensor as well or is it something else I should look for?

i want to understand PID

I recommend Google. The first Google result for 'PID loop' is a Wikipedia article:

and want to program one for my use,

You can save some time by using the PID library. The first Google result for 'PID library Arduino' is: