false programming

i had try this tutorial
when i’m execute the code like below

and it has error
when i deleted that error and succesfully to encoding to my arduino nano it doesn’t move at all.
please help me
very appreciate if someone help me

motor coding.txt (1.07 KB)

You will need to show the wiring of your H-bridge, as that is almost certainly where the problems is.

ledPin is defined to pin 13 in the Arduino library.
I am wrong it is LED_BUILTIN that is defined to 13


The code you posted doesn't compile though; you didn't declare ledPin which I added below as pin 13 so it compiles.

yes i had try to add like yours and try to delete pinmode(ledpin). both ways is succesfully compile but it don't move my motor

i follow exactly like the page that i give
i use 6 volt using 3/AA for vcc and supply the arduino using usb port

edit: and is the Arduino gnd connected to one or other of the 293’s grounds?

i use pin 349 to wired directly to h-bridge and pin 2 directly to switch
i followed the picture in that web

i don’t know how to post that picture here


Increase the voltage and say what happens. I could run my 100 rpm motor minimum by 8v otherwise it had not run.

Do you have a DMM to check some voltages?

Tom... :slight_smile:

sory for long reply i'm in the middle of test in my university

yeah it works now
my project board in malfunction

now i want to change the swith with the push button
it is need a change programming to do that?