False Variable Pop-up and certain variables unreachable

When you rest your mouse pointer over a variable name for >0.5sec a small info box should pop up, giving details on the variable. This is a very desirable feature, but it is not working correctly.

These pics are screenshots taken after the mouse pointer rested on the spot shown for several seconds:

Mouse pointer rests over dataFileSize - no pop-up!

Mouse pointer rests over line 61 var makingDataFile, a pop-up is shown, but it belongs to the variable dataFileSize in the above line 60.

Attempting to show the variable makingDataFile I placed the cursor in the line below the var of interest, but then nothing is shown.

It gets even more complex with 3 or more subsequent lines, but the pop-ups are never for the correct variable. For some variables you never get a pop-up.

For the above to work the cursor on the horizontal axis must be within the length of the variable above line of the cursor.

Big compliments to ullix! The new development environment is already very good. It gets better and better the more errors are found and corrected.

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