False voltage scaling by Arduino Due ADC

Hi all!

I am using a Arduino Due board with a pressure sensor having voltage output of approx 2 .5 V at Room pressure. In Arduino uno i used to get a value of 540 through analogRead() which was correct but Arduino Due is giving me a value of 790 which is wrong. can anyone help me in this situation.

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Saqib Satti

2.5V / 5V ~= 590/1024 ----> 10 bits ADC UNO conversions

2.5V / 3.3V ~= 790/1024 ----> for 10 bits ADC DUE conversions

What's the matter with that ?

Thanks for the reply
I am using pressure sensor from an external board . The maximum voltage can go upto 5 Volts . That means i can not use this sensor with arduino due board ?

No, it will fry the Due since its a 3.3V microcontroller . Use an external SPI or I2C ADC that has separate analog and digital supply voltages allowing 5V analog and 3.3V digital.

Thank you for your assistance

You could use a level converter like https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11978