Fan 12V with Temperature Sensor and Display

Hi guys
I have a 12Volt 4-wire PC fan (Positive yellow, Negative black, RPM sensor green, and speed controller blue) . I have an Arduino Uno board and the Grove starter kit that includes both a RGB Display (Grove LCD RGB Bachlight V4.0), a temperature sensor V1.2 (with LM358) and the Base Shield V2.1, just to be clear the Seeed Studio kit that with its sketch made the Display turn on with the writing "hello word".
With these components I would like to create a sketch that would drive the fan described above making it start or better still making it increase the speed according to the temperature recorded by the sensor. I tried several sketch found on the net, none seems to work properly with these components, any of you have any idea?
Thank you all in advance for your attention reading this article.

Make code that exercises just one peripheral. When that works and You how to handle, add the next peripheral. Make the code needed just to exercise that second device.
When all devices work technically You can start making code combining them.

Yes, you need to write or adapt some code specifically to work with these components. You would be extremely lucky to find code to do exactly what you want with the exact components you have, for any kind of project.

Post links to the specs of each of the components you have.
Post the code you found on the net that does what you want to do.
Explain in what way that code does not work properly, what it actually does and what you expected it to do.
Read the forum guide so you know how to post code and links correctly on the forum.


I have this KIT

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