Fan with Arduino

I have a TE BAO METALLIC PLASTIC CO.,LTD fan. It's 12 volt, brushless, 0.030Amp, Model Number: M1402512m.
I would like to know if someone knows how to hook this up to Arduino Mega 2560 and run it off the PWM.
I have a transformer (Qianji JQC-3F(T73)) that is attached to a geeetech board.The board itself has no info other than the geeetech name.

Get a transistor, NPN or N-channel MOSFET, connect between motor - and GND. Connect motor + to 12V. Connect a diode across the motor, anode to motor-, cathode to motor+. This prevents motor generated current from damaging the transistor.
Drive transistor with PWM thru a 150 ohm resistor.