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Q: I plugged the board to my PC but cannot see the serial port listed on the IDE, I cannot upload sketch to the board!
A: The first thing to try is manually put the CPU into bootloader mode, this is accomplished by pressing quickly twice the reset button (you need a pencil to actually push the button).
Another try is to change the USB cable: some micro-USB cables are "power only", you'll see the board powered but no data connection to the PC.

Q: I plugged the board, I can see the serial port but I cannot upload sketch
A: If still on, remove the conductive foam that protects the pins.

Q:What if I have issues with TLS/SSL connections?
A: you can upload a custom SSL certificate by using the firmware upldater. See the full guide

Q: What's the pin number of the onboard LED? Pin 13 seems to not work...
A: The LED is connected to pin 6, but you can use the LED_BUILTIN constant instead of declaring the pin number.

Q: What does the CHRG LED blinking indicates?
A: Indicates that the board is charging the LiPo battery connected to the white JST connector. Please note that the charger use a constant current of 350mA, this means that you must use a LiPo battery with a minimum capacity of 700mAh otherwise you risk unpleasant side-effects like flames and/or explosions.

Q: After some time the Charge LED starts blinking even if no battery is attached to the JST connector
A: The CHARGE LED on the board is driven by the charger chip. This LED starts to blink at a frequency of about 2Hz (slow blink) if a defective or no battery is connected to the JST connector.

Q: Which are the interrupt capable pins?
A: check the Technical Specs

Q: Which are the pins that can generate PWM?
A: check the Technical Specs

Q: I see that A0 is marked as DAC0. There is a DAC on that pin? is usable?
A: Yes, there is a DAC and it's usable, you can control the pin with analogWrite(..).

Q: Which is the VIN range voltage value?
A: VIN Nominal voltage value is 5V, range is from 5V to 6V (6V is the Maximum)

Q: I installed a certificate but I cannot establish an HTTPS connection.
A: Check if the certificate is loaded and is SHA 256. The 348 is still not yet supported. Comodo for example has certificate SHA-348 with RSA encryption

Q: Which is the polarity of the battery?
A: Looking at the connector pins : Left = Positive, Right = GND

Q: What Vin, 5V and VCC means?
A: Vin.
This pin can be used to power the board with a regulated 5V source. If the power is fed through this pin, the USB power source is disconnected. This is the only way you can supply 5v (range is 5V to maximum 6V) to the board not using USB. This pin is an INPUT.
This pin outputs 5V from the the board when powered from the USB connector or from the VIN pin of the board. It is unregulated and the voltage is taken directly from the inputs. When powered from battery it supplies around 3.7 V. As an OUTPUT, it should not be used as an input pin to power the board.
This pin outputs 3.3V through the on-board voltage regulator. This voltage is the same regardless the power source used (USB, Vin and Battery)..