Farrusco, Your First Robot

Farrusco, Your First Robot

Farrusco is a small robot based on the Arduino platform, in this case, is using a Motoruino wich is inspired on the Arduino but with a couple of enhancements – dc motor dual controller, servo and sensor plugs.

With Farrusco you will be able to make it avoid obstacles, follow walls, enter in free space mode, and in the future more add-ons will be available, just to name a few: line follower, speakers and light sensors, RGB leds, and so on.

This robot is intended to:

  • enthusiasts wishing to enter in the creative computing and robotics fields but don’t know where to start;
  • engineering and physical computing students who need a development platform;
  • digital artists and designers;
  • students of all grades;
  • be a simple toy.

This kit will be available in three different versions:

Promocional prices until 31 of May of 2011.

  1. All the kit comes disassembled, this is a complete and extreme DIY kit. Everything comes in a raw state and you will need to solder and assemble the Motoruino, build plugs, create circuits for sensors. This is of course the less expensive of all three.

  2. Pre assembled, all the soldering is made in a way that you won’t need to solder anything or perform tricky tasks.

  3. Everything is assembled and ready to run, just plug the batteries and turn on the switch and there he goes, this is of course the more expensive.

There will be plenty of information soon, assemble instructions, configuration and setup, and of course source code!

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