Fast Distance Measurement (CMOS?)

Hi I'm looking to take successive distance measurements at a rate of about 1500 per second.

I'm thinking of going down the route of using a CMOS sensor to detect the change in lateral position of the point generated by an angled laser.

I'm only picking up the laser point so i only need a few rows of the sensor so something low cost that runs in a windowing mode will work.

Does anyone have any experience of using a CMOS sensors in a fast windowed mode? What frame rates did you get and how many rows? Do you have the model and brand and links to where i can sample or buy these?

I'm afraid this needs to be under £100 as there will be an array of about 40 of them over 2m line.

I know the dsp needed is probably too heavy for arduino before anyone mentions that, i have that sorted separate.