Fast DPM/ IMU/ Gyro

I am building a Flight-Controller for a Quadcopter using a MKR Zero. The flight controller itself has a runtime of 6ms without measuring the angles of the copter.
Until now I have used a GY-521 and used the MPU6050 libraries to make the angular calculations on the DPM of the Gyro-Board and only transfer the absolute angles and the angular motion to the Arduino. The Problem: The DPM only outputs data every 10ms which increases the loop time of the controller by more than 50% (Edit: Increasing the Output frequency makes to results too noisy)
Doing the calculations directly on the Arduino instead of the DPM won't increase the loop time, too

Do you guys know a Board combining DPM and Gyro that outputs data more than every 10ms?
Thanks beforehand!