Fast LED Lib-colors not correct

I'm using the fast LED library example code with APA102 addressable RGB LEd's and changing some of the colors in the CloudColors_p function to see what certain colors actually look like. I noticed that when I change the code to a different color name, the name I enter for the code doesn't represent the actual color shown by the LED's. For example, when I tell the LED's to be "Gold", They're actually aqua blue.

The only thing I can think of is that my COLOR_ORDER is RGB, but I believe I have it set right. Is there something else I'm overlooking as to why the names for certain colors don't correspond to the actual colors? Thanks in advance.


Do Red, Blue, Green work properly?

Only green works properly, red and blue are switched. In my main code where the color order is defined I tried switching the order but the color pattern didn't change. I had RGB and changed the R and B order to get:


But all red still shows up as blue and vice versa.

I enter red and the LED's go blue green=green I enter blue and the LED's go red

Perhaps I should try to use the RGB calibrate code or something?

So you know your colors are wrong but you somehow believe you have it set right? What

I know that my colors are wrong(Red and Blue are switched), but when I switched the color order in my program from #define COLOR_ORDER from RGB to BGR, the LED's were still the wrong (switched) colors. I will try to experiment with them more to find out where/what code I have to switch red and blue in order to get the colors right.

Problem solved, thank-you for the advice.

I had to change the order of the colors from RGB to BGR in two places in the code. Before I had only done it one place and that was my issue. Once at the top of the program here:

and once in the middle of the program here:
FastLED.addLeds<APA102, DATA_PIN, CLOCK_PIN, BGR>(leds, NUM_LEDS);