Fast motor control over ethernet?

Howdy all,

I have some stepper motors that I'm controlling with a Wii nunchuck plugged into the analog ports of the arduino duemilanove. It's really cool and has an instant response time. Now I want to see if I can control the motors with over a network connection with a fast response time.

The idea is that I could sit in another room and control the motors over my LAN from a computer joystick (hooked up to my laptop). I have an ethernet shield for the arduino.

I'm thinking that I could use the arduino as a server and just send a url request to it with the desired instructions (e.g. Is that technique going to allow for a fast response time? I want to be able to send many instructions per second, so how fast can the arduino process incoming url requests?

Are there other techniques for communicating quickly over ethernet?

You will probably want to create a UDP string stream over the Ethernet for the fastest responses.

Checkout "UDPSendReceiveString" in the Tutorial.

Thanks! I'll try to use UDP.

I'd like to try the UDP for "real time" joystick control some time.