Fast stepper library for 6 steppers at same time with controler (Step/Dir)

Hello! I am testing and searching for days now for a good stepper library. All common libraries ar testet! (Stepper, accelStepper, AH_Pololu, ...) But none of them fullfills my needs. The are not for controlers, or to slow with 6 servos, or blocks, or ...

What I need is a Library that ..

  • is for a stepper controler (Step/Dir)
  • Works with 6 steppers at the same time with a good speed (about 2000/4000 steps)
  • Of coarse no blocking, no waits at all inside the functions
  • no fancy things (Only number of steps +/-, speed)

Before I write a library by my own: Is there a library around that fullfills my wishes?

Thanks a lot Jan

Hi, did you find any library which suits your requirements?

I´am also searching for a library with the requirements above.