Faster better avrs

Any one know of a better avr similar to arduino
I'm looking for something that can be programmed and still has pwm, serial, digital and analog pins but just a faster more powerful version. Any ideas?

You including the due?

anyone know of any same kind of programablity but faster and still uses pwn,digital and analoge mosi miso clk cs?
i pretty much just want a arduino thats not so slow. im using a tft screen and the time it takes to produce images on the screen is just heart breaking.

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The fastest AVR processors are only twice as fast as Arduino (32MHz), which is probably not enough to fix a TFT display.
AVRs just aren’t meant to DO that sort of thing.

Some of the ARM (Due, Maple, Teensy 3.x) and MIPS/PIC32 (ChipKit) variants are around 80MHz and have DMA, so they might be better candidates. I don’t know if they’d be close enough to the AVRs to suit you; they DO support Arduino-like environments.

Arduino IntelGalileo?

Not an avr, though.

will the due make my tft lcd load and or perform better? im not trying to play a movie or make a xbox game on it i just would like to be albe to have a full screen process in less than five minutes. it currently just loads only little button at a time and its just horrible if your trying to give your project some proper respect. but im hoping to make something like a fm radio and mp3 from sd card player that i can include into what im already working on.

Maybe you should look at the 4D Systems intelligent displays, they handle all your buttons and widgets and you just send commands or receive events.


will the due make my tft lcd load and or perform better?

I don't know. That depends on what kind of lcd you're using, and how you are manipulating it, and how much you're willing to change to get it working on Due. For example, Due is NOT much faster than Arduino at doing digitalWrite(). (I hope you're not using digitalWrite to update your lcd, but you could be...) LCDs vary a great deal in their amount of intelligence, going from "send me every bit of every pixel every frame" to "draw a button at x,y with label 'TEST'"

4D Systems intelligent displays handle all your buttons and widgets and you just send commands or receive events.

Is there any standardization happening in this area? It has often seemed like the displays being used are re-puposed "appliances" with substantial computing power, while the cpus driving them are dinky little microcontrollers with slow communications. This is backwards from the "usual" graphics situation, and makes something like Rob mentions look very attractive.

i am using the seeedstudio v1 tft im not sure if it uses digitalwrite or not but as to the guy who made the comment about changing the programming,how would i change it so that it writes a full screen of data at a time verses one button at a time?