Faster loading and showing of images saved on SD card

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I'm currently experimenting with some display shields. Showing bitmaps on a display is what interests me most. For this I bought a couple of different displays with SD card slot (including Adafruit 1947, 1651, Waveshare 13506, 10684). What struck me is that it takes a relatively long time to display bitmaps on all the displays I have tested, i.e. at least 1 second for an image with a size of 320 x 240 pixels. Some even take several seconds to do this. You can see how the image builds up line by line from top to bottom.
Now my question: I would like to load/show the images as quickly as possible, i.e. without the slow picture build-up. I would aim for a maximum loading time of 100 ms for an image of 320 x 240 pixels. I have about 100 pictures on the SD card. Does anyone have a recommendation for me which display is best (fastest) for this? I work with an Arduino Mega 2560 and would like to use a display with a size of approx. 3.5 inches (2.8 to 4 inches possible).
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Seriously. If you post links to specific boards you would get a better response.

Otherwise I have to Google 4 times and hope that I win a coconut every time.


There is something like what you have in mind: FT813 3.5 "on an MCU with native SDIO support.

4 MCUs fulfill that premise: teensy 3.5, teensy 3.6, teensy 4, and teensy 4.1.

It is possible to migrate the library for gameduino 23X, so that it is fully compatible with the SdFat beta library, so you can access the multimedia content of the microSD installed in the SDIO reader.

1349 jpg files of 800x450 px

Teensy 3.6 + NHD FT813 5"

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