Fastest Arduino programmer

I'm wondering if someone could advise on a fast ISP programmer for arduino.

I use USBASP, which works very well, but in general is slower than the Serial programming.
I also have a AVRISP, which I cant get to work with Arduino (works fine on AVR Studio), perhaps it's not a original...?

What other options do I have? I know there is a Arduino ISP programmer, how fast is that?


Arduino as ISP is the slowest. It works on 19k2bps and it is serial in fact. I'd never compare USBASP and serial programming but I have no feeling it is slower. If we are discussing ATmega, there are 3 ways of programming: 1. parallel (high voltage), 2. ISP, 3. Serial (requires bootloader).
It reflects also speed of programming. Standard Arduino's serial programming is depending on serial speed which is 115k2bps by default but it could work at higher speed also.

Check your driver for the AVRISP. If it is set to Jungo, it will not work with the IDE.
Search your Arduino folders for "avrisp2.inf", that's where the needed files are.

I have also developed a hex file upload card running Nick Gammon's code for loading files from SD card if you have something fielded and want to upload files without dragging a PC around. It programs via the ICSP interface, comparable to File:Upload Using Programmer in the IDE.