Fastest types of light bulbs?

Does anyone know what kind of bulbs that are made for standard sockets are the fastest to switch on to full brightness?

I would think led replacement bulbs, while available, a bit pricey

Compared to any bulb that fits into a standard socket.-

If you are thinking of switching incandescents on and off frequently, you should know that their life is partly determined by the number of ons and offs. Obviously, one left on continuously will eventually fail, but the moment of switching on is especially traumatic.

You should also know that the "time to 95% brightness" is extremely variable for different compact florescents.

If you say more about why you are asking, you might get more useful replies.

I don't know why you guys are being so pissy, it seems simple

light that fits into a standard household base, which one switches on to full brightness the fastest seems like a pretty straight forward question

Zenon strobes are pretty fast, but require a high voltage to kick off, and you can't leave 'em on long!


Don't use compact fluorescent bulbs. I have ones in my bathroom that take minutes to get to full brightness, no joke.